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SABOKING NIGERIA LIMITED / OIL & GAS was registered on 5th day of December, 2000; RC 396950 with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria to undertake construction in the area of Marine Services, Oil & Gas Building and Civil Engineering, Electrical Installation, Machinery Installation, etc Borehole Drillings, Scaffolding, Dredging and General and General Contract. The company has been involved in sub-contracting before its formal registration with CAC, is fast growing in the area of its discipline and was later consolidated to accommodate other professionals as directed to cope with numerous opportunities and environmental/developmental challenges in the area of feasibility studies, consultancy services, construction turn-key development, project management etc.

oil-and-gasThe organization, which has an impressive list of experience professionals, has been involved in the design and various projects within the country. A partial list of projects handled by the firm is attached.

The prime movers of the company are seasoned professionals of multi-various experience in different aspects of building, supply, electrical, borehole drillings, dredging and civil engineering, who have distinguished themselves in their various calling over the years. The principal partners have worked in both public and private sectors in Nigeria and abroad and on various World Bank Assisted Projects.

The firm at the moments companies of a group of resourceful, relentless and dynamic professionals with wide exposure and varied experiences in various aspect of Civil/Structural engineering, with such fully diversified interests, all working together as an integrated group, the firm is able to render a complete co-ordinated Architectural and Engineering services to its clients, furthermore, in view of the scope of interest of the firm, it has registered with federal, state, local government, private/public institutions and organizations.

Within a short time of practice, the firm has been able to develop its potentials as a result of experience and resourcefulness of the prime movers and staff. The firm has been successfully attending to feasibility studies, planning, programming, design, construction, supervision and management of engineering projects of varying complexities.
The firm has well-established laboratory managed by experienced soil engineers where most test for embankment, road works, foundation and structural works can be efficiently carried out. Also available is computer unit, headed by experience and meticulous computer analyst. The firm is also blessed with able, faithful, tireless, dynamic, and hardworking staff to cope with projects of any magnitude.

Saboking Oil & Gas

The scope of services rendered by the company in the under-listed areas includes: project consultancy, projects development, projects construction, and project management.
• STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING: preliminary investigations, planning of turn-key projects, structural design, renovation technology, buildings, soils, factory, shell and thin plate structures.
• CIVIL ENGINEERING: projects economic feasibility studies, traffic studies, traffic management, highways, airways, railways, waterways, bridges in steel and timber.
• HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING: Sanitary and public health studies, water supply engineering, dams and impounding reservoirs, water retaining structures, water resources studies and development, water disposal, storm water management and control.
• GEO-TECHNIQUES AND GEOLOGICAL STUDIES: foundation investigation and design, oil stabilization, ground water management aquifer protection, geological survey.

Our civil and building works involve the following:

1. Residential Development Projects. We design and develop corporate or individual residential outlays such as plan, design and drawing interpretation, evaluation, quantification and finally develop to our client’s taste. To make it more interesting and habitable, we set out its beautification, landscaping, flowering and street outlays. We plants trees and flowers and provide adequate and healthy environmental posture of the project.

Our vision is to re-engineer the field of Architecture and precise engineering.

We set out the responsibilities involved in the implementing safety programmes on the work sites. It also presents records and procedures for identifying causes of accidents and reporting systems that are to be maintained on the projects with the understanding that accidents do not suddenly happen; they are caused by unsafe acts or unsafe conditions.

The bulk of our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Leasing of platforms, vessels, badges, chandlery, tugboats and Rig.
  • Supply of marine equipment’s
  • Shoreline protection.



  • Hydrosurvey Services
  • Debris search
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Buoy Installations
  • Wreck Removal
  • Metal Evaluation
  • Demolition & Removal of Bridges, Jetties, Rigs etc
  • Refloating of Ships, Ferries, Barges & Other
  • Water Crafts
  • Under Water Services (Shipping)
  • Under water Hull Cleaning
  • Under water Repairs (Including Cutting & Welding)
  • Under Water Services (Structures)
  • Quay Walls Inspection & Repairs
  • Pipe Lines Lay/ Bury, Inspection & Repairs
  • Fabrications
  • Barges – Navigational Buoys – Ramp & Catwalks
  • Ship Repairs
  • Mechanical works (Including Pump Installations, Plumbing, Sand Blasting and Painting etc)
  • Electrical & Electronics/communication gadgets installations